IASE 2023 Satellite Conference
Fostering Learning of
Statistics and Data Science
Hybrid Conference
11 – 13 July 2023,   Toronto, Canada


You can attend the IASE 2023 Satellite Conference either IN-PERSON or ONLINE; see Note 3 below for details on the two options. There are 3 registration categories for each type of attendance: 1. Members, 2. Non-members, and 3. Reduced fees.

Current members of the ISI or any of its associations fall into category 1 (Members); members will be asked to provide their membership number at registration.

Attendees from the following groups are entitled to the reduced fees in category 3 (Reduced fees): students, primary and secondary school teachers, retired persons, and attendees from developing countries. Reduced fees are available regardless of whether the attendee is a member of ISI or its associations; see Note 2 below for more details on reduced fees.

Anyone who is not a member of the ISI or its associations and does not belong to a reduced fee group falls into category 2 (Non-members).

The registration fees for each category are given in the table below.

Please make sure you register under the correct category.

Registration Fees

Registration CategoryEarlyRegularLate
IN-PERSON to 30 April 1 May to 15 June 16 June to 4 July
1. Members of ISI or its associations (IASE, IASC, etc.) 230 € 255 € 330 €
2. Non-Members 295 € 320 € 395 €
3. Reduced fees 110 € 120 € 160 €
ONLINE to 30 April 1 May to 15 June 16 June to 12 July
1. Members of ISI or its associations (IASE, IASC, etc.) 170 € 190 € 240 €
2. Non-Members 235 € 255 € 305 €
3. Reduced fees 30 € 40 € 50 €
  • All amounts in the table above are in Euros (€).
  • At least 1 presenting author for any accepted paper or poster should register and pay the fee by 31 May 2023 for the paper/poster to be included in the program.
  • The IASE 2023 Satellite Conference International Program Committee (IPC) & Local Organizing Committee (LOC) members are eligible for a 50% discount on registration.

Important Notes:

  1. Cancellations: Before you register, please be aware of our cancellation and refund policy. Due to the hybrid nature of the conference, there will be no refunds on registration payments already made.
  2. Reduced fees: Attendees from the following three groups are entitled to a reduced fee: students, primary and secondary school teachers, retired persons, and attendees from a developing country. If you belong to any of these groups you are entitled to a reduced fee, regardless of whether or not you are a member of IASE/IASC/ISI/other ISI association. A list of all developing countries recognized by the ISI can be found here. Please check this list to decide if you are from a country that is eligible for reduced fees.
  3. What the registration fee covers: All tickets offer access to the online platform which includes live-streaming and recordings of all sessions, opportunities for interaction with conference attendees, access to all conference materials, and publication of your paper/poster in the Proceedings (for authors).

    IN-PERSON tickets also include in-person admission to all sessions at the University of Toronto, catered lunches and refreshments between sessions, and admission to the conference reception.
  4. Financial Support: The IASE will offer support to attendees from developing countries (as recognized by the ISI; please refer to this list) who are presenting a paper or poster at the conference. This support will only cover registration fees; there will be no IASE support for flight or accommodation expenses. Requests for such support must be received by 30 April 2023 through this online form. (If you have problems completing the form, please contact IASE2023.Satellite@gmail.com).
  5. Payment: All amounts in the table above are in Euros. All payments are made through the conference platform (Whova) and processed by Stripe, a PCI DSS Level 1 secure company. Accepted payment options are listed here. The conference organizers will not issue receipts or invoices; registrants will receive a confirmation email from Whova containing a payment summary instead.
  6. Registration of authors of papers or posters: 31 May 2023 is the final date for registration and payment for presenting authors of papers or posters. At least one author for each paper or poster must be registered by that date for the paper/poster to be included in the program.
    Papers without a registered author by 31 May 2023 will not appear in the program or proceedings.
  7. Inclusion in the program and publications: The final revised program and proceedings, that will reflect the actual sessions, will include only the presentations that were actually presented during the conference. Non-presenting authors will not be able to publish their papers in the proceedings, regardless of fee payments.
  8. Accessibility Statement: The conference organizers are striving to host an inclusive and accessible conference. Please contact the conference organizers at IASE2023.Satellite@gmail.com no later than 30 June 2023 if you require accommodation to fully participate in the conference, or if you have any inquiries about accessibility.

Registration Link

Please use the link below for registration and payment.

Register Now on Whova

Registration Link
Register Now on Whova

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